Anraj Dam Garhwa

Danro Dam Garhwa

Raja Pahari Shiv Mandir, Nagar Untari Garhwa

Ranka Rajbhawan Garhwa

Satbahini Jharna Trith Garhwa

Satbahini Jharna Garhwa

Solar- DC Office Garhwa

Solar- DC Office Garhwa

DC Office Garhwa

Welcome to Garhwa District

The erstwhile Garhwa Subdivision of Palamau district consisting of 8 Blocks was separated from Palamau district as an independent district “Garhwa” with effect from 1st April 1991. It is situated on Southwest corner of Palamau division, which lies between 23060’and 24039’ N latitude and 83022’ and 84000’ E longitude. The district is surrounded by river Sone in the north; Palamau district and area of Chhatisgarh in the south; Palamau district in the east and Sarguja district of Chhatisgarh and Sonebhadra district of U.P. in the west. Garhwa district is a part of Palamau Commissionery consisting of 14 blocks and two subdivisions namely Garhwa & Nagar-Untrai. At the time of creation of new district Garhwa, there were eight old blocks namely :-

1. Garhwa, 2. Meral, 3. Ranka, 4. Bhandariya, 5. Majhiyaon, 6. Nagar-Untrai, 7. Bhawanathpur, and 8. Dhurki. Later on 6 new blocks were created from old blocks on administrative ground namely 1. Dandai, 2. Chiniya, 3. Kharoundhi, 4. Ramna, 5. Ramkanda and 6. Kandi. Later on 5 new blocks were created from old 14 blocks on administrative ground namely 1. Danda, 2. Ketar, 3. Bishunpura, 4. Bardiha and 5. Sagma.

So presently there are 20 blocks in Garhwa district. There are 196 Gram Panchayats. 916 inhabited villages and 62 un-habited (Bechiragi) villages in this district. This district has two police sub-division named Garhwa and Nagar-Untrai. With eight police stations i.e.

1. Garhwa 2. Meral 3. Ranka 4. Bhandariya 5. Majhiyaon 6. Nagar-Untrai 7. Bhawanathpur and 8. Dhurki.

The district contains only one Municipal town at Garhwa head quarter. The Municipal town has a brief history. On 6th May 1924. the Garhwa Union Board was created under the village administration Act of 1922. when it become Union Board. Its board consisted of five elected and two nominated members and they worked under part-IV of the above-mentioned Act. The Union Board administered the function of Conservancy and sanitation including drainage of local area, street lighting and the prevention of public nuisance there in. On 9th August 1957 Garhwa Union Board was abolished and in its place a Notified Area Committee was established by the Government Notification no. 6991-L.S.G., dated 14th June 1957. The N.A.C. area consisted of there villages: Garhwa (Thana No.- 339), Tandawa (Thana No. 338), Sahijana (Thana No. 345), Dipawa (Thana No. 341), Nagawa (Thana No. 340). Pipara Kala (Thana No. 342), Unchari (Thana No-241) and Sonpurawa (Thana No- 242), Later on this N.A.C. got the status of Municipality. It has been working as Municipality since 15 August 1972.

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