How to reach at Garhwa

Garhwa is well connected with roads and railway. Daily bus services are available from Ranchi and major districts of Jharkhand, Bihar and Chhatisgarh.

Road communication of this district is not at par with the other district of the state. There is no National Highways in this district. There are 210 Km. of State Highway and 96.95 Km. of district roads. Link road and corridors are altogether of 190 Km. There are two main roads in this district as follows:-



Garhwa -- Murisemar Road:

This road runs from Garhwa to Murisemar  via NagarUntrai. It connects Garhwa and other part of the  Jharkhand to Mirzapur, Banaras and Allahabad of U.P. The length of this road from Garhwa to Murisemar is 45 Km.

Rehla – Godarmana Road:

The length of this road is 57 Km. It connects Garhwa with the newly born state Chhatisgarh.

Rail Connectivity:-

For rail communication there is a branch line from Garhwa Road to Mirzapur, which passes through the Garhwa town and Sub-divisional town Nagar-Untari.

There is no landing ground for airways in the district.